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Indivar is the enterprise that has gained the trust of thousands of different multi-brand, local and international businesses. The professionals at Indivar possess the hands-on experience working with the end-to-end Openbravo practices offering a smooth yet effective experience under any business set- up. It just gets nothing better than consuming the best-in-the-world services offered by Indivar.

No matter how complex the functionality of the management seems, the nimble line of attack of Openbravo will help you proliferate new business opportunity. The Openbravo allows the deployment of a point of sale solution on any system with an intention to bring exceptional customer service. If you do not want to compromise on streamlining management, Openbravo is best-fit ERP software for your business needs.

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Openbravo gives you an opportunity to make the most out of a strong software platform and allows you to bank upon on the smartest tool available in the market today to boost your sales.



Looking out for financial tools to meet your business needs? Openbravo has got you covered, allowing you to keep track of all financial needs of your business and get your business operating smoothly.



Gone are the days when handling the day-to-day e-commerce activities of your enterprise used to be a pain in the neck, Openbravo’s simple yet effective solution brings the E-commerce value to life.


Warehouse Management

Get to know what comes in and what goes out of your warehouse by having a forward-looking and concurrent timeline of your stock. Keep an eye on every inbound and outbound goings-on with Openbravo.



Handling daily payments with reference to different business dealings could be a daunting task. Openbravo makes sure your business purchasing needs are fulfilled with minimal effort on your part.

HR Management System


When it comes it HR Management System (HRMS), Openbravo covers every all attributes that your business depends on. Now, train your employees like a charm. Keep an eye on the everything with Openbravo.

CRM Icon


Want to integrate all Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to empower your business growth? Manage your interactions with your potential customers in an easy way with Openbravo ERP software.


Inventory Management

Bring your Inventory to your finger tips and enjoy a real-time data of your stock so that you never have to settle on guesswork. Openbravo, being the best ERP software for your business with full integration.


Cloud Based

Get real-time and instant access to your reports anytime you like. Create an account and work online from anywhere efficiently and out of harm's way. Match your business demands with a variety of packages.

The Reason Why Businesses Love Openbravo!!

  • Train your employees with a smart and easy-to-use touchscreen interface. Not only that, when you don’t have a working internet connection, the software makes sure that you get a smooth offline experience.
  • All leading current capabilities have been integrated with this ERP solution taking your business dealings into consideration. Now, enjoy multi-tax, multi-currency, multi-language capabilities and be at ease.
  • Go responsive if you love browsing it on your smartphone, the software has been designed taking your comfort into account.
  • Own a hotel? Get the best of the all-inclusive ERP solution for your hotel and increase the overall turnover.
  • The Openbravo reduces all possibilities of theft or fraud, which, most of the time. Yes, there are zero likelihoods of stealing when you deploy Openbravo for your business needs.

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Why Choose indivar?

There is no denying that we hold the expertise in the endways implementation, integration, configuration, etc., of Openbravo making us the world’s no. 1 company to bank upon. Talk to our experts today regarding this best ERP solution and go with what fits your best.

Indivar has deployed more than 300 ERP solutions for many best-run enterprises and their day has been made by our work. It is never later until you get to know the true value of this best billing ERP solution system for your business. With Indivar’s exceptional 24/7 customer care support, you will never be dubious about anything.

Still having questions? Feel free to request a callback. Our specialized team will be glad to connect with you shortly.