To support the day to day business processes and operations of the Food and Beverages Industry which is growing profitably by leaps and bounds, SAP BUSINESS ONE provides a complete solution to take care of them all. This further enables you to become a better manufacturer as compared to your business competitors. The industry is growing at a rapid rate by leveraging the proven business processes that are exclusively offered by SAP

Indivar Software Solutions Ltd. offers unique business solutions for the Food and Beverage industry as SAP BUSINESS ONE is a complete food MRP/ERP system that includes management of the manufacturing business while also serving the specific food manufacturing business processes. In this blog, we share with you the various benefits that
SAP BUSINESS ONE offers to this industry specifically.

Benefits of SAP BUSINESS ONE for your F&B Industry

The manufacturers in the F&B industry have to face various challenges like the ever increasing demands from their growing customers. This along with the other issues like increasing raw material costs, increasing regulatory controls and extended supply chains makes it strenuous for them to show profitable results. SAP BUSINESS ONE is a powerful, simple to use and affordable solution that can help you take advantage of the following
benefits in the F&B Industry:-

  • Product Data Management
  • Recipes/Formulations
  • Co-Product/By- Product/Scrap Management
  • Routing and Resource Management
  • Batch Control & Traceability
  • Production Management
  • Ingredients/Nutritional Information
  • Quality Control
  • Complaint Management
  • Product Costing
  • Production Scheduling
  • Hand Held Devices & Data Collection

By using SAP BUSINESS ONE in the routine processes of the manufacturing industry, we can attain Improved Efficiency, Better Visibility and reduced risk. Let us elaborately see how we can achieve these by implementing SAP BUSINESS ONE in the business processes.

  • A. Improved Efficiency

    To help you stay competitive, SAP BUSINESS ONE provides a next-generation manufacturing solution that enables you to streamline the integration of all the processes that are related to supply chain. Some of the ways that it can aid the supply chain processes is as follows:-

    • Helping out to manage the ingredients/items throughout the whole value chain, yield scrap, waste, co- and by-products, grades
    • Helping by planning and controlling the stock, production, packaging and distribution
    • Improving collaboration between stock, production and packaging/distribution to manage the
      perishable products in a better way
    • Optimise real-time production capacity, warehousing and cash flow
    • Reduce manual workloads and duplicate entries
    • Better planning of resource availability by avoiding machine break downs and interruptions in
      the manufacturing process
    • Supporting multiple ways of manufacturing the products by providing multiple recipes and
      routings in the manufacturing process
  • B. More Visibility

    In order to take effective decisions, we need to have increased visibility of the key data of all the
    business processes:-

    • Getting better and precise understanding of where the business can gain or loose money
    • Built-in Easy to use reporting and dashboard tools for quickly identifying trends and making
      quick decisions
  • C. Reduced Risk

    To manage the complexities of the business and reduce the inherent risks, SAP BUSINESS ONE has amazing and enhanced features that help in ensuring that your business is in total compliance with
    the current legislation and market requirements.

    • Integrate government regulations in the processes for packaging, food safety, taxes, environmental protection, food ingredient and nutrition labelling, and worker health and safety
    • Helping the company to get total compliance with the environmental regulations and
      programs such as HACCP
    • Helping in implementation and management of a fully integrated Quality Control system.
    • To enable a visual batch tracking view and quickly manage product recalls ensuring total
      compliance with the industry associations.

Indivar Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. offers SAP Business One as a powerful solution that is simple
to use and affordable as well. By choosing this single ERP solution rather than many different ERPs
one can surely run a profitable manufacturing business.

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