These days, the strength of students in every school is increasing at a tremendous rate and with outside environment getting so much chaotic, security has become a prime concern in schools. Parents expect and want 100% assurance from the school authorities that their kids would be safe. Every now and then we hear lapses in security at schools generating a bad name for the school, and once the reputation is lost, it’s really hard for schools to get it back.

Edubold, developed by Indivar Software Solutions Ltd., is the school ERP management software that helps schools to manage the security of students or even staff very efficiently. The following are few ways that can assure that this school ERP system is the best way to provide security for Schools:-

  1. Secured RFID for students and staff

With the advancement in technology, we can be well prepared for any kind of issues that we may face in future and can curb them at the budding stage itself. We can’t expect administrators to remember all the data of students and their guardians or parents’ face. But with the help of ERP software and by giving unique IDs to kids we can have all the information of a student with a single click. Information about all staff members and their verifications can be loaded in software and can make it accessible.

  1. Flexibility of Use

The best part of this unique tool is that schools can use EPR software the way they like it, few instances where same can be used is they can manage attendance or half days in ERP. With this we can fetch complete year’s record of kids like on which date student was handed over to whom. Also, complete bus tracking can be done via App, with this we can track complete student stay at school and in parallel same can be done by parents too.

  1. Track Behavioural Problems of your students

Also, all disciplinary records weather good or bad can be recorded in software. With this we can analyse about kid’s behavioural patterns. After all they are kids and we have our moral obligation to get them right and not just punish them, by studying their behavioural patterns we can analyse ways to channelize the energy of students in the right direction. These studies can be easily done with the help of ERP software and it would be very difficult to do so through any manual actions.

  1. No Data Leakage

Also, as schools have all critical information about kids and their parents and if it is leaked out it can have severe problems. With the ERP software all information can be secured and encrypted and visible only to the assigned authority. Hence, data leakage issues can be minimised from schools.

Hence, with so many technological advantages we can make our schools more secured and a much safer place for our kids and let them enjoy their budding stages.

For more information on Edubold, contact us here.

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